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Minos Technology was founded in 2013. Our CEO, Brooks worked as a Financial Analyst for a large SAAS disaster recovery company. As any analyst is tasked to do, he was responsible for generating as much cost savings for the company as possible. He realized that most software companies do not manufacture their own product, instead they use contract OEM. And in order for the developers to test the software they need the hardware..


That's where the "aha moment" came about. This company wasn't effectively leveraging the hardware that was getting upgraded or replaced. Redefining a returns process, wiping the data and giving the servers to developers was an instant 7 figure CAPEX saver! 


Over time, the volume increased so FTE's and warehouse space was needed. While most software companies like to chase an ROI, getting into the manufacturing business of refurb appliances isn't one of them.


This is how Minos Tech was created! 


We have since created offices globally and service many top fortune 500 tech companies. Our fastest growing space is public cloud migrations and the Managed service providers.


Our business was created in the eye of the customer.

We were the customer who got really lucky to create a company based on an idea!  


Since then, we have been laser focused and customer obsessed.

We are becoming well-known as the leader in data disposal for the smaller IT shop!  

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1122 Lady St Suite 900B

Columbia, SC 29201


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