Data Center Disposition

Are you a data center or hosting provider who does not have a process for their refreshed hardware?  Are you asking your self should we extend the shelf life of the servers a year verse disposing of them?

Minos Technology offers a stream lined solution for helping your organization with life cycle management.  From procurement to disposition we are the one stop shop that helps your organization scale at the pace you want while taking advantage of our markets to yield you the highest return.  

Data Destruction

Are you a 


Law Firm?

Financial Institution?

Let one of our current customers in your market reach out to you and explain our data disposition process and the problems we solved for them.  Click here for an customer referral 

IT Procurement

Minos Technology offers affordable leasing options for CAPEX operations on technology.  If you are considering refreshing your infrastructure acquire about our procurement options which gives you the ability to lease or CAPEX your equipment at the most affordable rates. 

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