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From Government to Fortune 100 Minos Technology can solve your IT disposal needs

Data Centers

Do you have a good process in your data center for retired gear? Old assets sitting around taking up space? Let Minos Tech help turn your retired assets into a revenue stream while meeting your compliance needs. 


Our your an IT manager at a energy company? Do you have IT assets located over multiple states?  Take advantage of Minos employee base which is all over the United States.  This means faster turns on your older inventory which means to faster return on your investment. 


Are you a bank or credit union which needs to follow the most strict of data compliance?  Does your IT office has data related parts spread through out? Lets on lockable bin solution help you keep your data secure.  Our custom bin solution will ensure the only individuals touching the assets are our staff. 


Having a hard time finding a disposal company which carries security clearances to obtain your assets? Wait no longer, Minos tech has a dedicated team with good standing security clearances.  


Are you a fortune 500 company or bigger with a high numbers of disposed assets?  Even more of a reason to use Minos Technology consignment model.  Minos does not apply charge backs from items like holding cost or data removal.  This yields you a much higher return on your investment.   Ask for a quote today to ensure your getting the best return for your company.  


Does your medical practice have offices spread throughout the city or state?  How are you handling IT assets that need to be transporting while meeting HIPAA regulations?  Let Minos Tech keep you up to speed on your HIPAA requirements. 

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